Guadalajara, Jalisco

July 23, 2013



2013-07-23 to 2013-08-02 (Room 503)

It's a very nice hotel with a friendly and helpful staff. The breakfast bar is wonderful! The location is okay, not very walkable, but with many restaurants and shops about a mile or two away. The free Wi-Fi is very slow, too slow to support VOIP, and a wired connection is not available. A big negative was the elevators. The hotel has six for guests. Three serve the upper floors, three the lower floors. They really need about twice this many. During peak times there are long waits for an elevator. I experienced two elevator malfunctions. Once it stopped between floors for about 20 to 30 seconds. One morning I was running late, naturally. The elevator reversed direction at the first floor and went to the 23rd. It then started back down, the doors opening at random floors including the women-only floor.

I prefer the Fiesta Americana Grand.