Red Felt Racing bicycle serial number MT30115790


It might seen strange to create a webpage announcing a bicycle is not stolen. There's a very good reason though. It can take weeks, even months, for the various search engines to index a page and rank it high enough so it actually shows up in the first page of search results. If I were to wait until my bicycle was stolen it'd be too late. While I am still enjoying my Felt Racing 85 bicycle serial number MT30115790 I am telling the search engines about it now. Someday if it is stolen hopefully someone will enter the serial number, pull up this page which I will have changed reflecting the bicycle is now stolen complete with information on how to get a hold of me.

Bicycle information

  • Make & model: Felt Racing 85
  • Serial number: MT30115790
  • Color: red

Owner information

  • Name: John Mayson
  • Contact information: Will be made available in the event of a loss.